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Precision CNC
PO Box 204
Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858

Precision CNC's Plastics & Foam Gallery.

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Most machine shops do a great job on steel and aluminum parts, but give them some plastic...  Their machines operate at low RPM's and high torq. this causes the tool melt rather than cut the material leaving rough jagged edges.   It's hard on their machine and even harder on their tooling.  Our machines operate with spindle speeds of 55,000 Leaving a smooth finish on most plastics including acylic!


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Our High speed spindles will leave a clean sharp cuts in a variety of foams including bead board and, because they're CNC controlled, we can recreate any design or shape you need.  If you're a contractor looking for more than just square cuts, or would like to offer your customers more pizazz than your competitor, we are your solution!

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"Our services can enhance your products."


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